Adult online art class

Adult online art class

Adult online art class. Monthly online art classes for adults around the world

JammiArt Academy is an online learning space available to all age groups, from age 4 to 100 across the globe – predominantly in the UK and Sri Lanka.

Academy classes run between September and July.

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JammiArt Academy offers three levels of education. All students begin in the Bronze class and are able to graduate into Silver and Gold after the end of year ceremony.

Adult online art class - schedule

You can view JammiArt academy students’ speeches through their experience:-

Level 1 Bronze

Adult online art class. Young girl holding art letters.
This Level has a multitude of interesting and diverse topics. Click here for a full listing.

Topics covered:

Different faces
Aboriginal art
Pablo Picasso
3D Shapes
Van Gogh
Origami family
Sugar skull
Rangoli art
Lines and patterns
Colour wheel
Chigiri E
Pastel blending
Dot Mandala
Christmas flower
African mask
Panda and Bamboo
Children’s book cover
Red rose
Create you monster
Watercolour techniques
Babushka dolls
Watercolour fruits
Henna Painting
Bottle decoration
Kandyan painting
acrylic blending
Object drawings
Animal prints
Vesak Lantern
Watercolour sweets
Play dough sculptor
A tile deco, God’s eye
Water droplet
Abstract art
End of year ceremony

Level 2 Silver

Adult online art class. Abstract art.
This Level covers topics from Human body through to Abstract art. Click here for a full listing.

Topics covered:

Human body
(Continuous line study, Face, Eyes, Nose, and mouth, Hands, and feet)

(Landscape, Sea /Ocean, Flowers and plants, Animals)

3D Art
(Paper Mache, Paper clay, Cardboard, Pin, and thread)

Art appreciation
(Museum visit, Famous art, Art conservation)

Chinese art
(Calligraphy, Flowers and birds, Landscapes, Fine line drawings)

(Basic techniques, Stencil/ Monotype, Block printing)

Ancient civilizations
(Egyptian, Indian, Greek, Americans)

Lettering (Sinhala, Tamil, Chinese)

(Manga, Comic, Pop art, Posters)

(Frida Kahlo, George Kyte, Yayoi Kusama, Claude Monet)

Abstract art
(Free style, Discussion, End of year ceremony)

Level 3 Gold

This Level uses projects to further develop our students on their journey.. Click here for a full listing.

Projects and lessons covered:

Project 1
Choose your favourite subject
Project 2
Choose an animal, object, and a colour
Project 3
Choose a feeling/ emotions and dreams
Project 4
Choose a religion
Project 5
Choose a material and a medium
Project 6
Choose 2 artists to compare
Project 7
Choose a country

Lesson 1: Perspective
Lesson 2: Full human body
Lesson 3: Still life
Lesson 4: Tie and dye
Lesson 5: Paper making
Lesson 6: Picture framing

About Jammi Art – Adult online art class

JammiArt is a UK-based provider of both online and in-person art lessons and workshops for all ages, which aims to teach a multitude of artistic techniques from various cultures around the world.

To learn more about the booking process for school visits and workshops, visit the schools page. To make an individual inquiry, visit our contact page.

Artists Bio – Jayamini de Silva

Jayamini de Silva is an artist and trained visual arts teacher based in the North-East of England. She was born in Galle Sri Lanka and migrated to the United Kingdom in 2004, where she founded JammiArt with the aim to enrich people’s understanding of worldwide cultures through the often overlooked medium of art. She later established JammiArt Academy to continue her work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jayamini had primary and secondary education in Sri Lanka and entered the University of Kelaniya to study Fine Arts, whereupon she was awarded a government scholarship from the People’s Republic of China to study Chinese Language and Chinese Art in Beijing, 1994. After graduating she was attached to the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka as an assistant lecturer in Chinese Language and then at the University of Peradeniya as a senior Lecturer in Fine Arts. She holds her Master’s degree in art conservation from the University of Northumbria, UK.

After settling down for a number of years to start a family, she decided to rekindle her passion for teaching and formed a self-titled organisation named “JammiArt” in 2010. Since then she has predominantly worked with schools, delivering various multicultural art workshops to their pupils, but continues to provide services for all age groups, including both one-to-one lessons and group sessions.

Jayamini also exhibits her work locally and internationally – with a number of pieces being permanent staples of cafés, galleries, and private owners’ houses around the world.

To see more of Jayamini’s work please visit our Gallery Pages here.

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